Do I need an appointment to get a prescription?

Yes, the doctor needs to see you to determine what medication is best for your problem.

Corona Virus Protocol

Casuarina Health & Medical Centre is OPEN!

We are now doing phone consults during the COVID crisis for all your health needs, these calls are bulk billed for all patients that hold a current Medicare / Veterans affairs card, until the end of September. Surgery visits will be arranged if required after the initial contact with your GP.

Keeping unwell people out of our waiting rooms will help protect people who really need to be there. It will also help protect the staff in the surgery so we can continue to offer services. Take advantage of this change. It is safer for you and your family, safer for your doctor and their staff and safer for the community.

Wash your hands well, stay at home as much as possible, avoid handshakes and high fives and hopefully this will be over soon and life can return to normal.



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